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MongKut Thai Deity
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Cheetah (Stalking)
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Reasons to shop from us

Chans Oriental is a unique furniture store located here in South Florida. We offer an exceptionally large selection of Chinese styled furniture and many different fine art pieces. We specialize in antique Asian furniture, wooden and bronze statues, and traditional hand-painted as well as lacquered furniture. All these items come at direct importer prices. We also carry special designs that are custom-made to the trade and hospitality industry.


To Place an Order:

Simply order your desired items by fax, email, by phone, or on this website and a customer representative will respond to you within 24 hours with all the pricing, payment terms, shipping, and any ordering related information.

Quality Assurance:

All handling shipments are thoroughly inspected to ensure each shipment order is complete and accurate.

Shipping and handling:

We deliver to all throughout the U.S. However, shipping rates may vary in some cases due to shipment destinations and additional charges may be assessed. When such event occurs, we will notify you for your confirmation before the order is to be processed.

Other Terms & Conditions:

We shall do our best to provide timely and helpful customer support to all interested buyers. If you find problems with our service, please contact us and we shall try to resolve any problem as quickly as possible. We reserve the right to modify our shipping and handling terms, return policy, and any other terms and conditions with or without any prior notice.


Contact us:

Phone: (305)463-9355

Toll Free: 1-800-838-3867

Fax: (305) 463-9516

E-mail: chansoriental@aol.com

Showroom & Warehouse Location: 7201 N.W. 46 Street Miami, Florida 33166

Showroom operation hours: Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.